Nick is an excellent golf coach and teacher.  He has an exceptional eye for recognizing imperfections in my golf swing as well as an ability to succinctly communicate corrections. Nick has helped me improve both my swing and mental approach to the game. He uses Flight Scope as well as other technology-oriented tools with ease but it is his ability to dissect my unique swing and create solutions specifically for me that set Nick apart. Book him early, his time slots fill up fast.

Michael Wrotniak

I have been playing golf for 30 years, and with the help of many great teaching pros, became a single digit handicap and won club championships and amateur events. For the past few years, however, I felt that my game had peaked, and I stopped winning. Then Nick Bova arrived at my golf club. He has helped me improve not only my swing but also my mental strength. He has an ability to hone in on what must be done to improve your swing and through the use of video, drills and patience, make the changes happen. Nick is passionate about what he does and his students’ progress. His dedication and interest in the game is contagious.  Because of Nick, my swing is better than ever and I have begun to win tournaments again. Anyone who has the chance to work with Nick is in for a treat!

-Tacey Carroll

Having worked with Nick for over two years, I can say he is a very dedicated instructor willing to tailor the lesson toward your objectives.  Whether you are looking to fine tune your skills, or break down your game and start over, he is focused on catering his knowledge to your game.  His drive to take his teaching skills and your golf game to the next level were always apparent while making each lesson enjoyable.

-Jim Meehan

If Nick Bova tells you to take off your shoes and stand on one leg for your next shot, just do it. He’s that good and you won’t be disappointed.
And if being a great instructor isn’t enough, he will make sure you have fun and continue to love the game, no matter how frustrating it may be at times.
-Marc Burstein
Nick Bova has been a great teacher for me. He has transformed me into a real golfer. When I started I wasn’t very good and Nick fixed that. He spent two years helping me become a golfer and helped me understand the game. I am lucky to have such a great teacher that can make me better.
-Colin Hickey

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